Tim Biello

NY Project Manager & Hudson Valley Farmlink Network Coordinator

Tim Biello oversees the development of the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network and its website, Hudson Valley Farmland Finder. He also coordinates farmland access and farm transfer training programs for farmers, landowners and professionals. Biello assists with research and policy work regarding next generation farmer issues and works on the development of a new training institute for local leaders to support agriculture and protection farmland. Biello joined AFT in January 2014 as a New York Field Representative.

Biello is personally familiar with the challenges facing the next generation in finding farmland at affordable prices and under the right conditions. For the past seven years, Biello has worked on and managed farms in the Hudson Valley, Finger Lakes and North Country regions of New York, while searching for farmland to launch a farm operation of his own. Working on highly diversified farms, most of his experience has been in vegetable production, livestock husbandry and dairying. An experienced teamster, Biello owns a pair of hardworking draft horses.

Biello earned an M.S. in Rural Sociology with a focus on agriculture, natural resources, community development and conservation biology. Biello has worked closely with Hudson Valley agricultural organizations, including Hawthorne Valley Farm and Phillies Bridge Farm Project, on field research and participatory research projects as well as agricultural education programs for the public.

Phone: (518) 581-0078