Leif Fixen

Pacific Northwest Conservation Program Manager

Leif Fixen is the lead for work with the agricultural and environmental communities on water quality, climate, and habitat issues. His passion lies in building strategic, long lasting, relationships that empower change through collaboration, development of "common ground" among partners, promotion of science and research, and public policy development.

Fixen leads our team in devising and implementing strategies and programs for increasing the voluntary adoption of conservation projects and sound farming practices by farmers and ranchers.He provides oversight, management, and promotion of the Pioneers in Conservation program.

For the past five years Leif has been with the Snohomish Conservation District here in Washington where he coordinated the District's soil health, dairy planning, research, urban forestry, and forestry programs. He grew up on a farm in eastern South Dakota and holds a BS in Agronomy and Forestry from South Dakota State University "Go Jacks!" In addition to his ag background, Leif is an International Certified Arborist and spent five years as the City of Boston's urban forester – experience he applies to his position as a Seattle Urban Forest Commissioner. Leif is currently in the WA AgForestry Leadership Program.