Gianna Banducci

California Communications and Outreach Manager

Gianna Banducci joined the American Farmland Trust family in 2018 as the Program and Outreach Coordinator. In her work, she focuses on amplifying the organization's voice while expanding connections with more audiences. In addition, Gianna leads the development and growth of the Women for the Land program.

Gianna's professional journey centers around resilient ecosystems, local food, and social entrepreneurship. As a community builder and communications strategist, Gianna has guided the growth of many mission-driven enterprises by overseeing marketing and sales, operations, and organizational development and visioning. 

Launching a multi-stakeholder, vertically integrated cooperative outside of Portland, Oregon, Gianna marked a milestone in her career through the creation of an innovative community food system model. Motivated by this experience, she began providing technical assistance and co-op development support to small farmers and other local businesses. Gianna has partnered with numerous organizations and entrepreneurs on scaling sales programs, crafting marketing strategy, and increasing organizational membership.

Gianna earned a Master’s in Food Culture and Communications at L’Università di Scienze Gastronomiche and a Bachelor of Science in Business from Saint Mary’s College of California.