USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 2015 Conservation Innovation Grants Awarded


Laura Trivers, Director, Marketing and Communications

(202) 378-1221

Statement of John Larson, Executive Director of Programs

American Farmland Trust thanks USDA's Natural Resources and Conservation Service for awarding several Conservation Innovation Grants in which we will play a key role.

American Farmland Trust believes we must save our nation's precious farmland by the acre and by the inch. The health and vitality of the soil impacts our food, drinking water, and the habitat enjoyed by countless species of wildlife.

AFT is the lead agency for a project ($306,118) that will establish a pollinator habitat credit program in Michigan. That will engage businesses and provide financial support to farmers for the ecosystem services – in this case pollinator habitat—they provide.

In addition, AFT is a partner on two other projects. With the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), we will develop materials and provide specialized training to increase participation of soil and water conservation districts in nutrient trading programs (116,725). Learn more about AFT's work on water quality trading.

And, we will work with the Electric Power Research Institute ($300,000) to develop and execute for the first time trades of "stacked" ecosystem services for water quality and greenhouse gas emissions reduction credits. This is part of a collaborative effort with EPRI to improve water quality in the Ohio River Basin.