Protecting the Land that Feeds Us: American Farmland Trust TEDx Talk

American Farmland Trust's New York Director, David Haight, sees an urgent need for a new conservation movement focused on saving the land that feeds us. More and more, New Yorkers want foods that are healthy, safe and produced closer to home. Tragically, the fertile soil needed to grow food is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Nearly 5,000 farms have been paved over in New York since the 1980s.

New York has long been a land conservation pioneer — establishing the first state park in the nation at Niagara Falls as well as the Adirondack Park, the largest protected area in the continental United States. Now, New York is poised for a new conservation movement, one that protects the farmland that grows our food and keeps us resilient in a changing climate.

Put simply – No Farms, No Food. Watch the TEDx Talk below to learn more.