Register for Two Upcoming Webinars on Farm Transfer and Land Access in New England

A special tabulation of 2012 Census of Agriculture data requested by American Farmland Trust and Land For Good shows that over 90% of retirement-age farmers in New York and New England do not have a young farm operator farming alongside them.

In addition, the number of young farm operators in the seven-state region continues to drop, while the majority of beginning farmers are over age 45. Comparisons between the types of commodities produced by young and senior farmers also differ significantly.

What do these findings mean for those working to keep farmers on the land and the land in farming? Join American Farmland Trust and Land For Good on November 23 rd and 24th for two noon-hour webinars that will present the results of our Gaining Insights, Gaining Access project. Intended for land conservation organizations, agricultural service providers and policymakers, these webinars will help inform services, programing and policies around farm succession and transfer planning and land access.

  • On November 23rd, we will explore what we learned from our special tabulation of 2012 Census of Agriculture data around farmer demographics in New York and New England, focusing on the land use and economic footprints of entering and exiting farmers. We will also incorporate results from the new national Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agricultural Land (TOTAL) survey into the discussion about how farmer and farmland owner demographics will influence how, when and to whom farms and farmland will transfer.

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  • On November 24th, we will present what we learned from focus groups of senior farmers without identified successors in New York and New England. We will discuss the information shared by this important and influential subset of farmers, in particular what they are farming and with whom, their vision for their exit from farming, and the challenges and needs they see ahead. We'll also discuss how we can assist older farmers in planning for succession, and how that planning may differ between farmers with and without successors.

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