The land of sun, sand and surf has another claim to fame - it’s the nation’s leading farm state.

California is the nation’s cornucopia, producing over a third of vegetables and nearly two-thirds of fruits and nuts consumed in the U.S. Leading all other states in farm income, California maintains a $50 billion farm economy that provides countless jobs.

The state’s farming industry is equally important for its contribution to the environment and regional culture. With more than half of California’s land in agriculture, its landscapes draw tourism, promote diverse ecosystems and mitigate climate change.

Increasing development pressures and the difficulty of farming have resulted in an average loss of over 40,000 acres of California farmland each year. The state has lost a whopping one million acres since 1990. 

 We can no longer lose more irreplaceable farm and ranch land that feeds and provides for our nation. 

What are the challenges?


Since 1983, AFT has published groundbreaking research and legislation, led smart growth and farming coalitions, and worked with farmers to implement sound agricultural practices. Some of our many achievements include launching and financing local agricultural land trusts and championing statewide farmland conservancy and monitoring and mapping programs. 

Looking to the future, we continue to pursue creative initiatives to strengthen state and local policies that support permanent farmland protection, environmental improvements and access to land for beginning farmers. 

Join us in protecting our farms, food and future in California.

We achieve our mission through the following major programs areas: 


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