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“Farmland is America’s first resource.”—John Hardin, Farmer and Vice Chair of AFT's Board of Directors

From the citrus groves of Florida to the wheat fields of Kansas, America has some of the most productive farm and ranch land in the world.

Farms all over America are under siege – threatened as cities and towns sprawl out into the countryside, paving over some of our nation's best land.

For 35 years, American Farmland Trust has worked – from the ground up – to build a national movement to protect the nation's farms, farmland and environment.

From the very first land protection programs that we pioneered decades ago to our work to transform the federal Farm Bill today, AFT is a leader in developing policies and programs that save farms and ranches around the country.

Why are America's farms and ranches so important?

What are the challenges?


When AFT started 35 years ago, there were few resources available to help communities and states around the country that were looking to save their farms and the land.

We pioneered tools like conservation easements that permanently protect farm and ranch land – and helped to establish programs that can keep the land in farming on a larger scale.

In many places, we supported the launch of agricultural land trusts and protected strategic blocks of farmland to accelerate the protection of farmland nationwide.

Today, AFT works around the country to:

  • Provide national assistance and resources to farmers, landowners and communities through our free Farmland Information Center
  • Build support for policies and programs that protect the land, keep farmers in business and help new farmers access the land
  • Conduct pilot projects that demonstrate how innovative conservation practices and water quality trading markets can protect the environment and farmers
  • Raise awareness about the importance of farmers and healthy farmland – No Farms No Food®

Join us.


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