We all need to eat. But the farmland that produces an abundance of foods for America is endangered.

From the dairy farms of New England to the "salad bowl" of California, American farms grow nearly every kind of food you and your family could want or need.

But the pressures on our farms are increasing. In many places, farms face water shortages. Extreme weather. Eroding soil. And the crush of development.

All threats to our food supply.

What can we do? Each of us can help – by buying local and by supporting local farmers and farmers markets whenever possible.

At American Farmland Trust, we're focused on the kind of large-scale solutions that can also make a big difference – by supporting family farmers, protecting the land, and helping communities plan for locally grown food.

Why does local and regional food matter?

What are some of the challenges?

AFT's Role

AFT helps communities make the "No Farms No Food" connection.

Protecting farmland underlies everything we do – it's the foundation of any food system. We also roll up our sleeves to help communities make smart planning decisions that keep farmers thriving and strengthen local and regional food.

We've developed over 50 "plans for agriculture" around the country that give communities the vision and strategies to save farmland and local food.

Through our advocacy efforts on the federal Farm Bill, we help to create new market opportunities for farmers and ranchers and support the farmers who grow healthy foods.


  • Works to protect the land most needed to grow food
  • Helps communities develop strategic "plans for agriculture"
  • Supports farmers markets and raises awareness about the importance of buying local
  • Collaborates on large-scale initiatives to support regional food security