America’s farmland and ranchland supplies us with bountiful food and a clean environment. But we’re losing farmland and ranchland at a dangerous rate.

In America, we're blessed with some of the most productive farmland in the world – from the fruit groves of the West Coast to the Midwest's amber waves of grain.

Our fertile farmland gave our nation the foundation to grow and prosper over centuries. But its abundance also allowed us to waste it.

We lose 175 acres of farmland every hour – and once farms are bulldozed and paved over, that land is gone forever.

Working together, we can stop the loss of this irreplaceable natural resource and save the land that sustains us.

Why is farm and ranch land so important?

What are some of the challenges?

Earth as an Apple from American Farmland Trust

AFT's Role

American Farmland Trust is the one national organization fighting to protect the land and people on the land.

When AFT began 38 years ago, few communities had taken action to stop the loss of their farm and ranch land to development.

We sounded the alarm and then led the way forward – by pioneering tools and techniques to help farmers and ranchers resist the pressure of development.

Today, 27 states and many local municipalities have programs on the books to protect farmland, and the federal government has an effective program as well.

As the nation's leading advocate for farm and ranch land, AFT:

  • Builds coalitions to advocate for programs and policies that permanently protect farm and ranch land
  • Supports the family farmers and ranchers who steward the land
  • Develops innovative policies and programs to protect the land on a large scale
  • Educates people across America about the need to save farmland and support family farmers

Our work is just getting started. Join us.