It’s not enough to save the land – we need thriving family farmers and ranchers to work the land and feed the world.

They are the nation's unsung heroes. The men and women who get up every day in winter and summer, good weather and bad.

They grow the food on our plates. Provide an economic boost for our communities. Steward the land that filters our air and water. We need them to survive.

Our family farmers and ranchers helped to build America – with ingenuity, hard work, and knowledge passed down over generations.

But there are many forces working against them – from relentless development to tough economic conditions to unpredictable weather.

It's part of AFT's mission to help keep America's family farmers and ranchers strong.

Why are family farmers and ranchers so important?

What are the challenges?

AFT's Role

American Farmland Trust has led the fight to save farm and ranch land for 38 years.

During that time, we've never forgotten that it's not enough to save the land. We also need to save the people who farm it.

AFT is a trusted advocate for programs and policies that help farmers and ranchers stay viable and keep their land in farming.

We take the national lead on crafting innovative programs that can help keep family farmers on the land – and allow new farmers to access it.


  • Gives farmers and ranchers the resources to protect their land from development
  • Is a national voice for family farmers and ranchers – and programs that help them
  • Empowers women landowners through Conservation Learning Circles
  • Helps retiring farmers pass on their land and new farmers to enter farming

The farmers and ranchers who grow our food need your help. Join us.