The Newaukum Creek Watershed

Helping King County farmers implement conservation practices and improve water quality

American Farmland Trust's Newaukum Creek Precision Conservation project is focused on working with farmers in the Newaukum Creek watershed to improve water quality.

Located in the upper reaches of the Green River watershed in eastern King County, the area is home to dairy, livestock, horses, and field crop farms.

Farms border six miles of the creek, where lack of riparian vegetation and livestock access to streams contribute to the creek's history of water quality issues. The greatest problems for salmon and wildlife habitat are unhealthy water temperature and the amount of fecal coliform from both humans and livestock. This project builds on important work of our partners, who have already enlisted a quarter of area landowners in replanting efforts to address these issues.

Our Goals

  • Expand farmer awareness and participation in conservation
  • Increase number of sustainable farming practices implemented on farms
  • Design and carry out project in a way that is replicable across watersheds
  • Coordinate and combine investment dollars and funding sources to maximize benefit to the environment and the local farming community

Our Approach

Community engagement - Targeted landowner outreach - Combining grant funding for conservation implementation

The Newaukum Creek Precision Conservation project is an innovative multi-year project led by American Farmland Trust and King Conservation District. The goal of the project is to improve water quality by reducing stream temperature and the amount of nutrients and fecal coliform in the stream.

The project is a new approach to voluntary conservation. Rather than spreading resources and cost-share money across a large area, this project concentrates money and efforts in a specific threatened watershed to more efficiently achieve a greater improvement to water quality, there-by making more effective use of limited funding.

The program provides significant cost-share/financial assistance to landowners and farmers wanting to implement conservation and agricultural best management practices. This can range from funding for stream-side plantings to improve habitat, to projects that help better manage manure and nutrients on a farm.

Our Partners

American Farmland Trust is proud to partner with the following organizations on this project.


For more information, call 206.860.4222 to speak with American Farmland Trust PNW Conservation Program Manager, Leif Fixen, or PNW Program and Outreach Coordinator, Lauren Marquardt.

If you would like to have a farm planner visit your property to assess your eligibility for participation in this project, please contact King Conservation District at 425.282.1900. For additional information, please visit King Conservation District's Newaukum Creek page.