Profiles in Stewardship

Recognizing California farmers and ranchers for their contributions to a healthier environment

AFT's Profiles in Stewardship Program and associated website,, showcases over 60 profiles of farmers and ranchers who have implemented exemplary conservation practices on their farms.  

The intention of these profiles is to inform and inspire other growers to pursue resource conservation projects as an integral and prominent feature of their operations. Along with a description of the practice being implemented, the profiles contain contact information for each grower, all of whom have agreed to be a resource for other California farmers and ranchers hoping to implement similar practices. 

In addition, these profiles serve to educate consumers about the positive work that farmers are doing to improve the environment. In a world where consumers increasingly care about how and where their food is produced, awareness of stewardship practices is important to cultivating deeper connections between growers and eaters.

As is evident, California farmers and ranchers are rising to the occasion to safeguard the environment. We invite you to explore how they’re protecting our lands and ecosystems through this interactive website

We are appreciative of the numerous partners across California who supported the development of this collection.