Promoting Local Food in the San Francisco Bay Area

Known for its appreciation of local, fresh and healthy food, the San Francisco Bay Area produces surprisingly little – only 2% -- of its own food.

Lack of local processing capacity, distribution networks, and capital to grow local and sustainable food businesses inhibit more local food production, but offer a fantastic opportunity for farmers.

Our Goal

Expanding the market for locally grown food in the Bay Area to at least 20% would generate upwards of $13 billion for the local farm economy and require an investment of $400 million.

AFT leads the effort to create a Bay Area Food & Farming Fund that would:

  • Help finance the growth of sustainable farms and food businesses in the region, and
  • Provide technical business assistance to potential borrowers to assure that they are credit worthy, a major obstacle for small farmers.

Our History

Since 2008, AFT's work focuses on creating new economic opportunities for the region's farmers and ranchers, improving their prospects of staying on the land in the face of higher costs and increasing development pressure.

In 2010, AFT's landmark San Francisco Foodshed Assessment analyzed the area's ability to feed itself with food grown within 100 miles.

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