How We Work

At American Farmland Trust, we focus on long-term solutions, rather than short-term gain. Our fundamental approach is to:


From the halls of Congress to local councils, AFT fights for programs and policies that protect farmland, food and the environment. We are a voice for the nation's family farmers and ranchers. By mobilizing partners and engaging citizens, we advocate for the changes needed to sustain America's farmland and the farmers who grow our food.

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For decades, farms have been lost across America while people felt powerless to stop it. AFT first sounded the alarm in the 1980s, long before local food and farmland issues were part of the national conservation. We continue to remind the public why America's farms are so important – and that there are tools to save them.

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AFT pioneers cutting-edge techniques that save farmland and protect the environment. Many of our initiatives start out as pilot projects that we test in the field and then look for ways to scale up to national solutions with the greatest impact.

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We can't save farms and farmland unless we understand what threatens them – and why. AFT is founded on solid, well-grounded research, respected by farmers and scientists alike. Our reports and studies do more than just uncover the facts – they lead to real change.


Because our issues are often too large to be tackled alone, AFT partners with allies to develop solutions that bring about lasting change. We work with businesses, environmentalists, concerned citizens, governments and – most importantly – farmers to achieve our goals.

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