Vote Yes on Prop 3 to Invest in the Future of California Agriculture

Kara Heckert

Increasing the statewide adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices and preserving our natural resources go hand in hand. Think of it as a cycle. Without healthy soil and clean and reliable water supplies, we will not be able to scale up sustainable agriculture practices that also benefit our natural resources.  

To assure that this cycle can perpetuate itself, we must invest in our watersheds and water supply, and improve water quality throughout California. Proposition 3 represents the action we need to take to protect our water for the benefit of farmers, the environment, and urban water consumers.  

Proposition 3 makes the investments we need in our natural water sources, watersheds and groundwater basins, as well as the infrastructure necessary to deliver and manage them. Water agencies would be able to develop their water supplies through more sustainable and drought resilient means like wastewater recycling, groundwater management, and stormwater management, with no funding directed toward new dams or the controversial Delta tunnels.  

As outlined in the measure, Proposition 3 directly impacts statewide agriculture by:

  • Supporting local resource conservation districts 
  • Driving important research on improvement and conservation of water supplies and water quality 
  • Assisting farmers in integrating agricultural activities with watershed restoration and wildlife protection 
  • Implementing watershed restoration and conservation projects on agricultural lands and rangelands 
  • Restoring the capacity of the Friant-Kern Canal, which is vital to farming in the Central Valley

We join with the California State Farm Bureau Federation, statewide land trusts, over 100 environmental and conservation groups, and environmental justice groups in support of Proposition 3.  

Tomorrow, voice your support for the future of climate-smart agriculture and natural resources in California by voting Yes on Proposition 3.