On Earth Day, Seeking Sustainable Farms and a Sustainable Future

Greg Plotkin

At American Farmland Trust, we recognize the increasingly important role that farmers must play in the fight against climate change. In fact, well-managed farmland and ranchland may represent the single most effective option we have to draw down carbon. Now, more than ever, our nation’s farmers can lead the way in helping to achieve a more sustainable future for us all.  

This year, in honor of Earth Day, I’d like to share some thoughts from AFT staff across the country about why their work at AFT is so important to saving the land that sustains us all. Read what AFT staff has to say about our work! 

  • Brennan Hafner, AFT’s Junior writer and Editor “AFT's work is important to me because I never want the four-generation sustainable farm my family built to be paved over.”  
  • Courtney Naumann, AFT’s Pacific Northwest Agricultural Stewardship Program Manager “AFT’s work is important to me because providing the tools and resources to help keep farmers viable enables valuable, continued stewardship. My first memories of feeling freedom and peace were amidst rolling wheat fields. 
  • Julie Ann Grant, AFT’s Director of Strategic Engagement “AFT's members and supporters should know that their commitment, helps drive the positive outcomes we all want to see for farmland protection, healthier farming practices, and support for farmers young and old. Together we can accomplish so much!” 
  • Michelle Perez, AFT’s Water Initiative Director “We’re hard at work quantifying the economic, water quality, and climate outcomes being enjoyed by 24 farmers in 5 states that have successfully incorporated soil health practices into their operations.”
  • Nathan W. L’Etoile, AFT’s New England Regional Director “As evidenced from the most recent census data we are all losing the battle on farmland protection in New England, and AFT is one of the few organizations leading the efforts to stem the tide – we must do more!” 
  • Rick Monk, AFT’s General Counsel “AFT’s work is important to me because I love looking out the window and seeing the snow melting from the fields and making way for the spring lambs to play.” 
  • Robert Williams, AFT’s Operations Coordinator “AFT’s work is important to me because of its impact in securing the legacy of America’s agrarian culture and lifestyle. Without AFT, future generations may never be able to appreciate the land that has raised and sustained us.” 

Join us and support AFT on Earth Day to help secure a sustainable future for agriculture. 

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If you are interested in hearing more perspectives on AFT’s climate work, tune in the day after Earth Day (4/23) at 8 pm EDT for an in-depth discussion with AFT’s President John Piotti and Jennifer Moore-Kucera, the director of our farmers combatting climate change initiative.  

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