Find Us in the Frozen Food Aisle

Ryan Lauer

When I first met the Raleigh, North Carolina based team from Seal the Seasons, I knew this crew embraced the, "No Farms, No Food" message of American Farmland Trust. A certified B Corp, Seal the Seasons is the maker of frozen produce sourced from local family-farms – and the most recent corporate partner of AFT. 

As part of its charitable partnership with AFT, Seal the Seasons will share both the threats to farmland and AFT’s impact in the regions where they source products. Later this year, you’ll see some on-package stories in the freezer aisle - spreading the message that supporting farmland, and supporting farmers can taste great.

We're thankful for the vision of Seal the Seasons, their commitment to farmers, and their support of AFT.

Learn more about the partnership here.