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Key Studies & Reports
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Guide to Environmental Markets for Farmers and Ranchers

Potential Impacts of Cap and Trade Policy on U.S. Agricultural Producers (Informa Economics, Inc.)

New Study Shows Net Economic Benefit to Agriculture through Clean Energy Legislation (25X25)

Impacts of Climate Change Legislation on Agriculture in the Rocky Mountain States 

A Comparison of Select Cost-Benefit Studies on the Impacts of H.R. 2454 on the Agriculture Sector of the Economy (Kansas State University)

Farming on the Edge national mapFarming on the Edge: Sprawling Development Threatens America's Best Farmland

A National View of Agricultural Easement Programs

Sustaining Agriculture in Urbanizing Counties

Evaluation of the Federal Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program

Urbanization and Water Quality

Working to Preserve Farm, Forest and Ranch Lands:
A Guide for Military Installations



California: California Agricultural Vision: Strategies for Sustainability

California: Paving Paradise

California: San Francisco Foodshed Study "Think Globally, Eat Locally"

California: The Future is Now: Central Valley Farmland at the Tipping Point?

Delaware: Growth and Spending Trends

Delmarva: Farmland Strategy Project (Cost of Community Services, Agricultural Industry Profiles and Impact of Growth on Agriculture)

Maryland: Statewide Plan for Agricultural Policy and Resource Management

New England: The Conservation Security Program: Rewards and Challenges

New York: Agricultural Economic Development for the Hudson Valley

New York: Picking Up The Pace: A Roadmap for Accelerating Farmland Protection

Pennsylvania: Nitrogen Management Performance Guarantee System for Corn Producers in Pennsylvania: Feasibility to Improve Water Quality in Chesapeake Bay

Pennsylvania: Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Viability in Berks and Schuylkill Counties

Rocky Mountains: Strategic Ranchlands Study

Rocky Mountains: Impacts of Climate Change Legislation on Agriculture in the Rocky Mountain States 

Texas: Rural Land Trends Study

Texas: Finding the Balance: Ranching and Rapid Growth in Bandera County

Vermont: What Farmers Have to Say About Vermont's Farmland Conservation Program

Washington: Losing Ground: Farmland Protection in the Puget Sound Region

Washington: Assessment and Recommendations for Preservation and Management of City-Owned Agricultural Land (Bainbridge Island)

Washington: Partnering for Farms and Salmon

Washington: Guide to Environmental Markets for Farmers and Ranchers

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