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Our publications cover a range of topics helpful to landowners, community leaders, concerned citizens, farmers and ranchers, farmland protection professionals, planners and policymakers. Learn about model plans, proven programs and creative solutions to achieve a healthy balance among sustainable agriculture and development, farmland protection and environmental quality.

Several publications are offered for sale. Agricultural landowner guides and Fact Sheets are available as free PDF downloads.

Publications for Sale


To order:  call 800-370-4879 or send a completed order form with
a check by mail to AFT, 1 Short Street, Suite 2, Northampton, MA 01060. For more information, contact publications@farmland.org.


NC Planning for an Agricultural FuturePlanning for an Agricultural Future:
A Guide for North Carolina Farmers and Local Governments

Intended as a working document for farmers, planners and county commissioners, Planning for an Agricultural Future: A Guide for North Carolina Farmers and Local Governments mixes a general discussion of existing planning tools with specific examples from North Carolina communities that have developed innovative ways to support the agricultural sector. The guide is available online at www.farmlandinfo.org along with a resource index to sample documents and ordinances. Print copies of the guide are also available. 2007, 32 pages, $9.95

cover of New York planning for agriculture guideGuide to Local Planning for Agriculture in New York
AFT's Guide to Local Planning for Agriculture in New York helps communities engage farmers and rural landowners in local planning efforts; assess current town policies and their effectiveness and understand the range of tools available to help New York towns support local farms—from right-to-farm laws to comprehensive plans to purchase of development rights programs. The guide contains more than 30 case studies demonstrating how towns and municipalities are successfully planning for agriculture. In addition, over 100 relevant publications, state laws, local plans and ordinances are available on a CD of reference materials that accompanies the guide. 2005, 65 pages, $15.95

New York Landowner GuideNew York Agricultural Landowner Guide to Tax, Conservation and Management Programs
The New York Agricultural Landowner Guide is an indispensable tool for farmers and rural landowners trying to navigate the sometimes confusing array of public programs available to them. "I don’t have a lot of time to research all the programs out there," says Don Telaak, a dairy farmer in Little Valley, NY. "Researching all of these programs is probably one of the most important things that can be done to help farmers improve their business." 2010, 24 pages, free PDF

cover of COCS bookCost of Community Services Studies: Making the Case for Conservation
Saving land saves money. More than 80 Cost of Community Services (COCS) studies conducted nationwide by AFT and others show that privately owned farm, forest and ranch lands generate more in local revenues than they require in services. AFT developed the COCS methodology to measure the net fiscal contribution of different land uses, including working farm and ranch lands. With a COCS study, citizens and community leaders can make more informed land use decisions. Making the Case for Conservation evaluates the COCS approach, shares lessons from AFT's experience and can help you decide whether a COCS study would be useful to your community. 2002, 78 pages, $16.95


Saving American Farmland; What WorksSaving American Farmland: What Works
AFT's comprehensive guidebook, Saving American Farmland, examines tools and strategies that people use to protect farmland and includes case studies of successful programs in California, Maryland and Washington. The final chapter offers lessons communities can learn from these farmland protection pioneers and outlines the steps involved in creating a farmland protection program. 1997, 334 pages, (was $34.95) NEW SPECIAL! $18.50


To order:  call 800-370-4879 or send a completed order form with
a check by mail to AFT, 1 Short Street, Suite 2, Northampton, MA 01060. For more information, contact publications@farmland.org.


PLanning For Agriculture guides

Connecticut Planning For Agriculture Guide This guide outlines a broad range of tools available to help local governments plan for the future of agriculture in Connecticut.  The guide is a joint project of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities and American Farmland Trust with funding provided by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture and the Hartford Foundation.  Download the report or visit the Connecticut Planning for Agriculture website for more information.

Find similar guides for New York and North Carolina above.

Landowner guides

AFT's landowner guides educate agricultural landowners about the variety of public programs and private options available to help them conserve their land and improve its productivity. Free downloads of the guides are available below.

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Agricultural Conservation Easements

Agricultural District Programs

Agricultural Economic Development

Agricultural Protection Zoning

Cost of Community Services Studies

Differential Assessment and Circuit Breaker Tax Programs

Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program

Farm Transfer and Estate Planning

Farmland Protection Policy Act

Farmland Protection Toolbox


Federal Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program Allocations

Growth Management Laws

Installment Purchase Agreements

Land Evaluation and Site Assessment

Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements

Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements: Sources of Funding

Status of Local PACE Programs

Status of State PACE Programs

Right-to-Farm Laws

Transfer of Development Rights

Why Save Farmland?

Why Save Farmland? (color)

Revised 1997 National Resources Inventory: Changes in Land Cover/Use

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