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The Farmland Information Center (FIC) is supported by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Farmland Information Center
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AFT’s Farmland Information Center (FIC) is a clearinghouse for information about farm and ranchland protection, conservation practices, and programs and policies that support the business of farming. Information and direct assistance are available online and through a staffed answer service.

The FIC online

Resources on the FIC website include:

  • Literature—articles, fact sheets, technical memos, reports, studies and books;
  • Laws—collected local, state and federal laws; administrative regulations; state executive orders; and state attorneys’ general opinions related to farmland protection;
  • Sample Documents—tools (e.g., easements, LESA systems, excerpts from comprehensive plans) used by communities to protect agricultural resources and support agriculture;
  • Statistics—agricultural land conversion data from the National Resources Inventory and key numbers from the Census of Agriculture;
  • Technical Resources—agencies and organizations, data sources, maps, periodicals and presentations;
  • State Pages—state-wide agricultural statistics, contacts, organizations and agencies, as well as updated laws and sample documents.

Answer service

farmlandFIC staff respond to requests for information from farmers, landowners, federal, state and local officials, concerned citizens, agricultural organizations, educators and students, land trusts, professional service providers, lawmakers and reporters. FIC staff also monitor and report on farm and ranch land protection activities and develop educational materials to help answer questions. Each year, the FIC reaches thousands of people who work to protect America’s farm and ranch lands. FIC staff can be contacted by phone, fax and E-mail free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I protect my farm?
  • How can I make the case for farmland protection in my community?
  • How much agricultural land is my state losing each year?
  • What tools are available to protect agricultural land from development?
  • How can our community help farmers stay in business?

AFT's Farmland Information Center

Contact Us
Phone (800) 370-4879
Fax (413) 586-9332

The FIC is affiliated with the National Agricultural Library and is a member of the Agriculture Network Information Center—an alliance of the National Agricultural Library, land-grant university libraries and other organizations that provides online access to agricultural information.

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