The Future is Now: Central Valley Farmland at the Tipping Point?
Executive Summary
Resumen Ejecutivo
Current Trends
     Population Growth
  Farmland Use and Development
  Quality of Farmland Developed
  Efficiency of Urban Development
  "Ranchettes" & Other Rural Development
  Agricultural Trends
Local Plans & Performance
  Analytical Method
  Sutter County
  Sacramento County
  Yolo County
  San Joaquin County
  Stanislaus County
  Merced County
  Madera County
  Fresno County
  Tulare County
  Kings County
  Kern County
Where is The Valley Heading?
Time for Change
  Ideas for Change
What You Can Do
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Methodology & Background Data
About AFT in California

How Does Your County Rank at Preserving Farmland?

This page will let you determine how well your county is preserving farmland compared to others in the Central Valley.

Listed below are four strategies for preserving farmland and protecting agriculture.

Decide how important these strategies are compared with each other and rank them from 1 (most important) to 4 (least important) by entering the numbers in the boxes. Then click the Rank button.

The computer will use the data we have collected to rank the counties according to your choices. You may go back to change the order and repeat the process as many times as you like.

Don't plan for more growth than is really needed because it makes the future uncertain for farmers and encourages wasteful land development.
Curb the spread of rural development because it conflicts with agricultural operations and inflates land prices above what farmers can afford
Reduce the amount of land consumed by each new resident because there is only so much farmland to accommodate the Valley's rapidly growing population
Avoid developing the highest quality farmland because it is the land that enables farmers to produce the most food at the lowest cost.