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Farmland ConneCTions
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Farmland ConneCTions Outreach Service

Connecticut Valley farm and barnThe Farmland ConneCTions Outreach Service has been launched by UConn Cooperative Extension System, in partnership with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and American Farmland Trust.

The Farmland ConneCTions Outreach Service is designed to:

  1. educate towns, institutions and land trusts about farmland leasing and
  2. provide one-on-one service assistance in developing leasing preferences for farmers and landowners (such as towns, institutions and land trusts)

Currently, the Outreach Service is seeking 15 land trusts and 15 municipalities interested in exploring the possibility of leasing land to a farmer, to the benefit of all involved.  The Outreach Service's Project Coordinator is available to meet with land trusts and municipalities, as well as to provide one-on-one assistance in arranging legal lease agreements for farmland.  Please contact the Project Coordinator to learn more.

More information is also available by downloading an introduction to the Farmland ConneCTions Outreach Service [PDF].

Kip Kolesinskas
American Farmland Trust
Conservation Scientist

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