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AFT's Mission in California

Davis Farmers Market
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America's Favorite Farmers Market

Davis Farmers Market has been voted as one of America’s three favorite farmers markets.  The award is the culmination of AFT’s summer long America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest and represents the integral role that Davis Farmers Market plays in its community and the avid support demonstrated by the dedicated customers it has generated through its 33 years of operations.

As one Davis Farmers Market customer put it:

“Davis farmer's market is a weekly ritual that unites students, families, professors, and everyone who lives in this community. Farming is an integral part of Yolo County, and people show up to support their local farmers and to buy the best and freshest produce. The week doesn't feel complete without a Saturday morning stroll down the bustling aisle to chat with the local vendors who know you by name, bump into people you know, and listen to local musicians who create the cheerful ambiance of the market! No matter how far away I live, I always come back for the Farmers Market.”

In its inaugural year, the contest registered just shy of 30,000 votes in support of local farmers markets across the nation and featured 857 participating farmers markets.  The Davis Farmers Market registered over 3,000 of these votes and swept the ‘Large’ category of markets featuring fifty-five vendors or more.

Davis Farmers Market will receive a free No Farms No Food ® tote bag giveaway for their customers. The totebags will be distributed at an event open to the press and public on September 12th, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. at the farmers market at Central Park at 4th and C streets in Davis, California.

Learn more about the Davis Farmers Market on their website.

Along with the Davis Farmers Market, Williamsburg Farmers Market in Virginia took home the medium market prize and Collingswood Farmers Market in New Jersey, the small

Farmers markets represent one of the great ways that consumers can support their local farmers, farmland, communities, and regional economy.

By partnering with farmers markets, American Farmland Trust is encouraging consumers to consider the importance of farmland and to support local farmers. Put succinctly, there is no local food without local farmland.

American Farmland Trust—along with many local and state governments, and non-profit groups, is working to make “growing local” a reality for farmers, ranchers and consumers. Healthy Farms, Healthy Food, and Healthy Communities: It’s what America needs!


American Farmland Trust