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Farmers and ranchers manage close to half the land in America making agriculture the nation's single largest land use.
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Farm policy is poised to enter
a new era that will promote
the economic viability of family farms and ranches, encourage organic and sustainable
agriculture, and support land and water conservation. It's
not just about farms.

It is your Farm and Food Bill.

Your Food and the Food System
When you’re in the grocery store, do you think about the farmers and ranchers, processors, distributors and retailers who bring you your food? more

What Is the Farm Bill?
The farm bill is a package of federal legislation enacted every five to seven years to set the general direction for America’s farm and food policy. more

Why the Farm Bill Matters
This year, most of the programs in the 2002 Farm Bill expire. Congress will rethink policies that set the course for America’s food and farming system. more

What You Can Do

Our Healthy Land and the accompanying brochure are a joint project of Coleman Natural Foods (CNF) and American Farmland Trust (AFT) through the Coleman Eco-Project 2015, a decade-long conservation program. The Coleman Eco-Project 2015 raises awareness about the link between conservation, healthy land, healthy products and healthy people.

CNF and AFT share a commitment to protect farms and ranches and to advance good land stewardship.
American Farmland Trust