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Better Policy for Farms, Food, and the Environment
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Reforming the 2014 Farm Bill

Congress has enacted the Agricultural Act of 2014 that establishes U.S. agricultural and food policy for the next five years. American Farmland Trust’s efforts to protect program funding and achieve critical policy reforms will ensure continued ability to protect farmland, improve sound farming practices, and to keep farmers on the land.

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Farm Bill
In the next farm bill, we seek to move U.S. farm policy forward by strengthening policies, programs, and resources to protect farmland as a strategic national resource; promote sound environmental stewardship through advancing adoption of conservation practices; and encourage the development of a more diverse, healthy, and equitable food system consistent with thriving rural and urban communities.

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Clean Water Legislation
We can help forge solutions that work for farmers and make significant progress toward improving our nation's water quality. Our federal focus on water is aimed at developing policy proposals and engaging stakeholders.

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Enhanced Tax Law Will Help Save Farms
In December 2010, Congress extended a tax package that provides an expanded federal conservation tax deduction to help take the pressure off farm families and enable them to protect their land for future generations. The tax law legislation gives farmers and ranchers a powerful business and estate planning tool, and we support efforts encouraging lawmakers to pursue legislation that would permanently exempt farms, ranches and forest lands from estate taxes as long as the land remains in agriculture.

Tomato   Protecting our Food, Protecting our Farmers
On July 30, 2010 the House passed the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009. The Act is intended to strengthen the safety of the nation’s food by granting the Food and Drug Administration greater authority over food inspection and recalls. We agree that safe and healthy food is important and should be a high priority for members of congress; however we also are concerned about ensuring that our nation's farms and ranches, especially smaller scale local growers, are treated fairly. While some protections were included for local farmers, according to National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, several areas must be strengthened
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2008 Farm Bill
Congress has enacted the complete Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 that sets the general direction of America’s farm and food policy for the next five to seven years.  We are currently working to ensure that the important measures and reforms included in 2008 Farm Bill are fully funded and implemented.

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Local Farm and Food Policy
The food that we eat directly affects our health, and U.S. agricultural policy directly impacts our food choices. Implementing the policies and provisions in the 2008 Farm Bill will help serve the increasing public demand for programs that support local food.

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Clean Energy Legislation
We are working to ensure that agriculture can play a substantial role in clean energy legislation by maximizing the participation of farmers and ranchers as a vital and cost-effective component to addressing global warming.

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