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Reports and Workshops
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Analyzing the Affects of Clean Energy Legislation and Climate Change on Agriculture

Background on Agriculture's Role in Clean Energy Legislation



Engaging Farmers in Climate Change Solutions 

AFT is actively working to engage environmental and agricultural leaders and other stakeholders indeveloping effective climate change legislation. We are holding a series of listening sessions and workshops focused on harnessing agriculture’s ability to mitigate climate change by providing marketable environmental benefits through the adoption of improved farming practices.

Barn at SunsetMarch 3, 2010
Cap and Trade: Impacts of H.R. 2454 on U.S. Agriculture

Informa Economics presented their research on the effects of clean energy legislation on agriculture at the 2010 Commodity Classic in Anaheim, CA. The research project was sponsored by American Farmland Trust. Click here to view a recent presentation on the study from the Minnesota Climate Forum.

December 2, 2009
Opportunities for Agriculture in the Clean Energy Partnership Act

Senior staff for Senator Baucus and Stabenow, who developed the Clean Energy Partnerships Act, discussed the key provisions of this legislation, that helps ensure agriculture new markets for clean energy and carbon reduction practices on the farm.

October 8, 2009
Agriculture and Clean Energy National Webinar

Agriculture policy experts previewed the Senate’s agriculture package and discussed how agriculture can benefit from proposed clean energy legislation, while providing the most cost-effective solutions to climate change. The webinar included opportunities for farmers & ranchers, how a cap & trade system works, examples of success stories, and more.

September 15, 2009
Las Cruces, NM
New Mexico Agriculture and Clean Energy Summit

State Representative Joseph Cervantes and American Farmland Trust co-hosted a summit on agriculture and clean energy. Attendees learned more about how proposed clean energy legislation will impact agriculture in New Mexico. The USDA, agriculture professionals, and economists discussed opportunities for New Mexico’s farmers in clean energy legislation and were available to answer questions.

Farm at SunriseSeptember 2, 2009
Fort Morgan, CO
Colorado Agriculture and Clean Energy Summit

Sen. Michael Bennet and the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union hosted a summit on agricultural opportunities in clean energy. Attendees learned more about how proposed clean energy legislation will impact agriculture in Colorado. The USDA, agricultural producers, scientists and economists held discussions on opportunities for Colorado’s farmers in clean energy legislation, and answered attendees' questions.

August 13, 2009
Perrysburg, OH
Ohio Agriculture and Clean Energy Summit

Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Ohio Corn Growers Association, and American Farmland Trust hosted a day long summit on agriculture and clean energy. Guests learned more about how proposed clean energy legislation will impact agriculture in Ohio. USDA representatives, agriculture professionals, and economists presented opportunities for Ohio's farmers in clean energy legislation and answered attendees' questions.

July 16, 2009
Western Farmers and Ranchers: Opportunities in Climate Change Legislation

The American Farmland Trust, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and Land Stewards jointly hosted this webinar to demonstrate how agriculture can benefit from climate change legislation with opportunities for agriculture while providing the most cost-effective solutions to climate change!

November 5, 2008
Vancouver, Washington
Conservation Markets Workshop & Listening Session for Agriculture

Thirty-eight top leaders in Washington and Oregon agriculture met in Vancouver, Washington, for an in-depth discussion of the challenges and opportunities in ecosystem markets. Such markets—which pay farmers for the environmental benefits they provide—promise immense opportunities for helping the environment and improving the profitability of agriculture.

August 13-14, 2008
Washington, DC
Agriculture’s Role in Mitigating Climate Change

Over 40 producers, crop and industry consultants, and leaders from key agricultural groups from around the country engaged in a two-day workshop co-sponsored by Farm Foundation, USDA Economic Research Service and AFT. Participants discussed six issue briefing papers AFT commissioned from leading academics and identified 15 priority policy needs to include in developing climate change policy.  

September 25, 2008
Raleigh, North Carolina
Exploring a Carbon Credit Program for North Carolina Working Forests

Over 50 producers, agricultural leaders, academics and governmental officials primarily from North Carolina and surrounding states engaged in a day long workshop co-sponsored by American Farmland Trust and the Farm Foundation. Four presentations from leading experts informed discussion on how best to involve working forests and agriculture in carbon credits legislation. Participants created priority recommendations to share with federal policymakers and partners.

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