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Effective Environmental Policy Solutions
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Conservation Markets Workshop and Listening Session for Agriculture

AFT’s “Conservation Markets Workshop and Listening Session for Agriculture” was held November 5th to engage the Northwest agriculture community in identifying these challenges. The resulting discussion paper contains many models for how these markets can work for farmers in the Pacific Northwest.

Workshop Objectives

Objectives for this event were to bring together respected producers and leaders in Pacific Northwest agriculture for a workshop and listening session that will: 

  • Educate participants on the issues and opportunities in conservation markets for environmental services on working agricultural lands.
  • Explore the various kinds of conservation markets that are emerging and the possibilities and concerns each may present for agriculture.
  • Obtain clarity among participants on what conservation market programs for agriculture might look like in states like Washington and Oregon.
  • Develop  a list of “must have” components for conservation markets that we can provide to policymakers and partners that will help assure that any new policies and programs developed will fit the needs of Pacific Northwest farmers and ranchers.

Workshop Discussion Paper:

Presentations and Summary of Proceedings

  • Carbon Markets; Opportunities for Agriculture?
    Chad Kruger , Washington State University, CSANR
  • Mitigation as a Driver for Conservation Markets
    Dennis Canty , Evergreen Funding Consultants
  • Beyond Compliance: Using Ecosystem Service markets to Address Environmental Challenges
    David Primozich, Williamette Partnership
  • Water Quality Trading - Agriculture's Opportunity?
    Jeremy Sokulsky, Environmental Incentives, LLC
  • Summary of Proceedings
American Farmland Trust