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Federal Clean Water Legislation

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Congress will be updating the Clean Water Restoration Act Soon

Clean Water QualityIn anticipation of the updated legislation, we are working with agriculture leaders to develop legislative solutions that work for farmers and make significant progress toward improving our nation's water quality.

In particular, we will be working at the state and national level, developing policies to support innovative water quality trading markets that will pay farmers for implementing methods that improve water quality on their land.

Utilizing agriculture, water quality trading markets have the potential to reduce nutrients in key watersheds across the United States at a fraction of the cost of other remediation techniques.

To demonstrate the potential of these emerging markets, we are implementing demonstration projects in regions where they will have the most significant impact. Simultaneously, we are working with policymakers to develop programs that encourage agriculture's participation in water quality improvement strategies. Our ultimate goal is to scale-up these demonstration projects to the federal level and utilize the millions of acres of farm and ranch land to improve water quality on a national scale.

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