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Guide to Environmental Markets for Farmers and Ranchers

Preliminary Analysis of Utility-Only Cap Climate Bills [Bingaman & Kerry/Lieberman]

On-Farm Conservation in the Upper Mississippi River Basin

Clean Energy Legislation Has Potential for Long-Term Benefits to Farmers

Agriculture Lands a Vital Part of the Great Outdoors

New Study: Impacts of Climate Change Legislation on Agriculture in the Rocky Mountain States

Farmers Combat Climate Change with
Cap and Trade
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Cap and Trade and Agriculture - Resources

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Other Resources
What is Climate Change:

Pew Center on Climate Change – Climate Change 101: Understanding and Responding to Global Climate Change

EPA Climate Change

EPA Glossary of Climate Change Terms

Pew Center on Climate Change Glossary

Climate Change Legislation

The American Clean Energy and Security Act

Cap v. Tax

Current and Near Term Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiatives

EPA - Cap and Trade Page

EPA - Clean Air Markets Resource Center

Center for American Progress - Cap and Trade 101

Environmental Defense Fund: How Cap and Trade Works:

Chicago Climate Exchange

USDA – Global Climate Change

How Climate Change Affects Agriculture

Resources for the Future - Adaptation of Agriculture and the Food System to Climate Change

USDA, NCAR - The Effects of Climate Change on U.S. Ecosystems

Pew Center on Climate Change – Agriculture and Global Climate Change: A Review of Impacts to U.S. Agricultural Resources

Pew Center on Climate Change – Agriculture: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change for the United States (pdf)

EPA – Climate Change: Health and Environmental Effects – Agriculture and Food Supply

USDA – Global Climate Change Resources

USDA ERS – Briefing Room – Global Climate Change

Science – How Climate Change Impacts Agriculture

How Agriculture Will Play a Role in Climate Change Legislation

New! Pew study confirms including farmers and ranchers in climate change legislation can benefit agriculture, society

Clark Group: Climate Solutions

University of TN / 25x'25 - Analysis of the Implications of Climate Change and Energy Legislation to the Agricultural Sector

USDA ERS – Economics of Sequestering Carbon in the US Agriculture Sector

CRS - Estimates of Carbon Mitigation Potential from Agricultural and Forestry Activities (pdf)

EPA – Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture and Forestry

Environmental Defense Fund – Agriculture’s Ability to Offset Climate Change

Environmental Defense Fund – Creating Agriculture Markets that Help the Environment

Environmental Defense Fund – Cap. Trade. Grow. * Video

Florida Farm Bureau – Climate Change and Agriculture

USDA ERS – The Use of Markets to Increase Private Investment in Environmental Stewardship

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