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Our Work
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America is losing more than a million acres of farmland annually, much of it the best and most productive farmland near where most Americans live.

American Farmland Trust is committed to protecting the nation's farm and ranch land, keeping it healthy and improving the economic viability of agriculture. Our staff of farmers, policy experts, researchers and scientists knows the issues from the ground up — how communities can be strengthened by protecting farmland and supporting local farmers, and how farmers and ranchers can best be engaged to conserve the land and protect our natural resources.

We're working with federal, state and local leaders and communities to develop legislation, implement policies and execute programs that keep farmers on their land and protect our environment.


Farmland Protection Farmland Protection
Why is it so important to save farm and ranch land? America's agricultural land—and the benefits it provides for our communities—is at risk.

Agiculture and the Environment Agriculture and the Environment
AFT is working with farmers and policy makers to combat climate change, protect our water quality and support environmentally responsible farming practices on America's farm and ranch land.

Federal Farm Policy Federal Farm Policy
AFT embarked on an ambitious campaign to strengthen the future of American agriculture by transforming U.S. farm and food policy in the 2008 Farm Bill. Our work continues in implementation and related legislation.


Local Farms and Food Keeping Farmers on the Land
Without local farms and farmland, there is no local food. We're working on the ground to support a sustainable food and farm system.

State Issues & Programs
Our field offices help states and communities pass farmland protection policy initiatives and advance our work on local foods and protecting the environment. AFT empowers local leaders and farmland protection activists throughout the country.

Steward of the Land Award
The annual $10,000 award honors farmer and conservationist Peggy McGrath Rockefeller, who cared deeply about the conservation of our nation's farm and ranch land.

American Farmland Trust