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The 2008 Farm Bill in Congress
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The 2008 Farm Bill Enacted into law

U.S. Capitol
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On May 22nd Congress enacted the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008.

After a Presidential veto, the House voted 316-108 and the Senate voted 82-13 to overwhelmingly override the veto.

The new farm bill provides funding to improve our environment, protect farm and ranch land, make local foods more widely available and dramatically increase food assistance for families struggling with rising food costs.

Equally as important, it makes real gains in subsidy reform with the new Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program that fundamentally changes how government support operates.

While the final compromise bill does not include all of the reforms we would like to see, it is a significant improvement in U.S. farm and food policy. We will build off these new programs, better policies and increased funding now and in the future.

A glitch in the process

When the farm bill enrollment document was prepared for Speaker Pelosi and Senator Byrd to sign, the document inadvertantly excluded the trade title. The conference report that passed the House and Senate was not identical to the bill vetoed by the President. The mistake was found by the White House staff only after the bill was vetoed. 

The House passed the trade title as a stand alone bill and as part of a repassed farm bill—a similar action by the Senate is expected by June 10th.

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