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Expand Nutrition Programs
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Policy Recommendations:
Subsidy Transformation Conservation and Land Protection Healthy and Local Foods Renewable Energy Nutrition

nutrition and anti-hunger

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Often nutrition programs are disconnected from the agricultural policy discussion. What we’re trying to do is keep them connected—we want to shorten the length between farmers and schools.
-Charles Kuperus,
New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture

35 million Americans do not have all they need to eat and struggle to secure an adequate diet. The Food Stamp Program is the nation's first defense against hunger. It's important for the 2007 Farm Bill to strengthen the Food Stamp Program by simplifying the application process, improving program benefits and expanding eligibility.

Currently, the purchasing power of food stamps is eroding each year with average benefits totaling $1 per person per meal. More than half of all food stamp participants are children, and over 80 percent of food stamp benefits go to families with children.

Additionaly, programs like WIC, which provides supplemental nutrition to low-income women, infants, and children below the age of 5, have shown long-term medical benefits and health care savings.

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