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What's Happening in Congress
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Bills in Congress Farm Bill Updates Farm Bill Timeline

u.s. House of Representatives farm and food bill

Snapshot of H.R. 2419: Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007

The U.S. House of Representatives version of the farm bill includes $13 billion in new money that went to funding national priorities:

  • Conservation and Environmental Programs – $4.6 Billion
  • Food Stamps and other Nutrition Programs – $4 Billion
  • Renewable Energy Programs – $2.5 Billion
  • Fruit and Vegetable Programs – $1.6 Billion

Additional Funding

Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program Strengthened and Funding Increased
New Conservation Loan Guarantee Program Funded
Cooperative Conservation Program Established and Funded
Environmental Quality Incentives Program Improved and Expanded
Conservation Innovation Grants & Pilot Program
Regional Ground and Surface Water Enhancement Program Created and Funded
More Acres for Grassland Reserve Program
Increased Enrollment for Wetlands Reserve Program
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Continued and Refined
Payment Limits for Conservation Programs, but excludes Easement Programs
Establishes New Chesapeake Bay Program 
Strengthens Technical Assistance
Establishes a Standards Board for Market Based Environmental Services
Adjusted Gross Income Limit Tightened for Certain Programs
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program Extended
Food Stamps Benefits Expanded
Commodity Supplemental Program

Local Foods/
Value Added

Community Food Projects Expanded
Value Added Marketing Development Program Funded
New Rural Entrepreneur and Microenterpise Assistance Program
Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Funded
Local Preference in Food Program Purchasing
Farmers Market Promotion Program Expanded
Healthy Diets
Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program Funded
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable "Snack" Program Funded
Increased Purchase of Fruits and Vegetables in Section 32 and DoD Programsi
Organic Certification Program Funded
Specialty Crop
Invasive Species, Food Safety Program Funded
Specialty Crop Block Grants Expanded
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Expanded  
Renewable Energy Research Expanded
American Farmland Trust