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What's Happening in Congress
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Farm Safety net improvement act (s.1872)
Senate Sponsors: Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

Voice for Change
"Wild gyrations in crop yields are directly a function of weather. We can have great yields and low prices, or low yields and high prices, but it's revenue that keeps us sustained. This bill addresses that need."
- Bill Flory,
Idaho wheat grower

Specifics on the Revenue Counter-Cyclical Program
The Farm Safety Net Improvement Act is based on a revenue counter-cyclical program. It would replace loan deficiency payments (LDPs) and counter-cyclical payments (CCPs) and integrate crop insurance to provide better protection at no additional cost.

Impact on Crops
Below is an in-depth look at how the program compares to current policies for three different types of commodity crops.

» Focus on Corn pdf

» Focus on Soybeans pdf

» Focus on Wheat pdf

Impact at the State Level
Specific implications of the Farm Safety Net Improvement Act for states across the country.

» Focus on California pdf » Focus on Missouri pdf
» Focus on Colorado pdf » Focus on Nebraska pdf
» Focus on Delaware pdf » Focus on New York pdf
» Focus on Idaho pdf » Focus on North Dakota pdf
» Focus on Illinois pdf » Focus on Ohio pdf
» Focus on Indiana pdf » Focus on Oregon pdf
» Focus on Iowa pdf » Focus on Pennsylvania pdf
» Focus on Kansas pdf » Focus on South Dakota pdf
» Focus on Kentucky pdf » Focus on Tennessee pdf
» Focus on Maryland pdf » Focus on Texas pdf
» Focus on Michigan pdf » Focus on Virginia pdf
» Focus on Minnesota pdf » Focus on Washington pdf

Payment Calculator

Farmdoc (farm decision outreach central) through the University of Illinois has created a Microsoft Excel based tool that compares payments between the 2007 Farm Bill alternatives: The Bill passed by the House and the Durbin-Brown amendment offered in the Senate. Click here to go to the downloadable calculator, and be sure to enable macros on your computer.

Why It's Better
Current safety net programs only protect against price. But in years like this one, when many farmers face yield losses due to droughts and floods, they will not be covered despite a drop in revenue.

Drought and Floods Across the U.S 2007

Visit the U.S. Drought Monitor for an interactive map of current drought conditions in your area.

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