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Living Local, a Multimedia Immersion in Farms and Food

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TV Screen with Boy Picking Strawberries, Sponsor a Video to spread the No Farms No Food Message

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Itinerary for the Complete Local Farm and Food Enthusiast

Wheat at Sunrise

9 AM – Wake up to Charlie Sutton’s “Green Mountains,” a bluesy folk song about the wheat growing Palouse region in Idaho, while you enjoy a pastry from your neighborhood bakery or a bowl of homemade granola.

10 AM – Head out to your nearby farm, farmers market, or CSA pick-up to buy the ingredients for your locally produced dinner party later this evening. Don’t forget an autumn bouquet or a few ornamental squash for a natural and warming centerpiece!

Bushels of Fresh Farm Apples

12 PM – If you went a little overboard gleaning apples at an orchard last weekend, go to the online farm and food network Growing Goodness and watch the [A] Apples episode of Organic A to Z, a video blog cooking show featuring organic and local foods. Or just spend some time surfing the many channels of Growing Goodness: Agriculture, Music Videos & Soundtracks, Documentaries, and more.  The network abounds with information for growing local advocates and admirers.


2 PM – Open up American Farmer: Heart of Our Country and enjoy Paul Mobley’s amazing and heart-felt photography that tells the story of over 200 farming families across our country. 

4 PM – Reenergize with “Corn Fed,” country singer Shannon Brown’s upbeat single about growing up in small town America, and start preparing for dinner. Try one of the recipes featured in Farm Fresh News! Take a moment to change your mood music and let singer-songwriter (and sustainable agriculture advocate) Adrienne Young inspire you as you prepare dinner.

6 PM – Welcome your guests and discuss the latest episode of farming and agriculture on PBS’s America’s Heartland over aperitifs (perhaps a glass of wine from a local winery). Then sit down and enjoy a delicious locally produced meal.

Little Girl in Apple Tree
Holiday Meal, Turkey and Vegetables 8 PM – Complete your evening with a showing of a documentary about farming and food in America. We suggest Growing Awareness, a look at CSA (community supported agriculture) in the Pacific Northwest, or Farmboy, a historical documentary about growing up on a farm during the Great Depression and the revolutionary farming techniques of H.E. Babcock. 





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