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Reindeer explorationDear Santa,

You won’t believe what a great time on vacation we are having…but we can’t wait to return to the North Pole!

Colorado is beautiful and the fresh Rocky Mountain air and clean water is wonderful. We have really enjoyed grazing the open landscape, searching for what’s left of the fall’s buds, willow leaves, forbs, and mushrooms. But as you know, we’ve been watching our weight in preparation for the cold weather back home; the livestock tease us because we have been giving in to the seasonality of our appetites. The cattle just don’t seem to believe that in order to prepare for the big flight, we eat less in the fall and wintertime. They find it ludicrous that we graze lightly in the fall and winter, and nosh in the spring. They don’t believe anything! Just wait until I tell them about pigs and how they fly!

We’ve had so much fun exploring Colorado and there is so much open space for us to play our reindeer games! Dancer and Comet even won the six-legged race! (I think it was because of Dancer’s grace and Comet’s speed.) They did really well! I can’t say the same for Blitzen and me—we got our antlers tangled and tripped over our hooves. Could you ask James the elf to make Blitzen some new glasses? Hers were smooshed in our gawky tumble. Regardless, she is having no trouble gazing at the amazing scenic vistas here in the Rocky Mountains. It really is remarkable Santa—the way the landscape bows and fans along the mountain-line—we feel so lucky and grateful that there are still places like this in the world.

How’s home? Are you getting ready for the 25th? Did you fix the rudder on the sleigh? (We’ll have to be ready for those gusty northern headwinds that bellowed us last year!)

Tell everyone we say hello and that we hope things aren’t too stressful around the workshop! Farm and ranch land protection is on so many of the wish lists this—we hope the workshop will be able to deliver!

My nose is glowing brighter and brighter as the days count down, and we will see you in a week!

Yuletide Cheer,
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph

American Farmland Trust