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Cranberries May Help More than Your Health

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Cranberry Bog in WisconsinThis holiday season is often filled with cranberries, whether they are in garland, sauce or muffin form. Regardless of where you find them this year, take note of the cranberry's health and environmental benefits. Cranberries are low in calories and are full of antioxidants; as a result, cranberries may help prevent certain types of infections and reduce the risk of heart disease, gum disease, cancer and ulcers.

What most people don’t know is that pilot projects are being done on how cranberry bogs in Massachusetts can help protect certain species of fish, and inversely, how aquaculture can promote the cranberry business. Research suggests that some cranberry farmers may soon be joining ranks with Pacific Northwest farmers in protecting fishery populations while protecting farmland. The healthy cranbery bog/healthy fish relationship is mirrored on the other side of the country where AFT’s work in Washington state is helping Pacific Northwest farmers and leaders create a plan that addresses salmon recovery in a way that also supports agriculture.

American Farmland Trust