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April 7 & 8, 2011
Marriott Hotel at Metro Center, Washington, D.C.

National Agricultural Landscapes Forum
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Luncheon and Dinner
April 7, 2011

The National Agricultural Landscapes Forum Agenda brings together more than 30 of the most prominent agricultural, conservation, environmental, land use, rural development and business thought-leaders from across the country. It will provide an opportunity for you to join in the dialogue and voice your perspectives on 21st-Century policies and programs that will shape the use of the nation’s agricultural landscape.

While there is no registration fee to attend the National Agricultural Landscapes Forum, we encourage you to take the opportunity to hear two dynamic speakers by purchasing a seat a the luncheon and dinner on April 7. Keynote speakers A.G. Kawamura and Krysta Harden will continue the Forum dialogue at these working meal sessions.

The Forum’s luncheon and dinner events showcase the region’s seasonal bounty. Marriott Chef Aaron Tootill has worked with local farmers and producers of meats, produce, cheeses, breads and other foods to create memorable menus for these keynote sessions.


A.G. Kawamura, former California Secretary of Agriculture

Envisioning Healthy Rural Communities of the Future: The Convergence of Watersheds, Energy Sheds and Food Shed

Blue CabbageAs the 21st Century unfolds, there is an agrarian revolution taking place. The culture of agriculture is expanding in all directions. Dynamic advances in conventional and sustainable technologies have created exciting opportunities throughout the “food chain.” Synergistic relationships are blooming with multiple stakeholders that seemed unrealistic just a decade ago. And while a world's dependency on agriculture increases proportionately to the growing global population, learning to embrace the multiple “solutions from the land” must become a goal and destination. Going forward, we must converge our many efforts to improve and advance our sustainable agricultural landscapes!


Krysta Harden, Chief of Staff for the Secretary of Agriculture

Choosing a Future for Conservation

Reservation Information
A bunch of carrots

Meal Reservations are now closed.

Forum registrants who wish to attend the luncheon or dinner on Thursday, April 7, must pre-register and pre-pay; meal options and fees are noted below. Reservations must be received by April 3.

April 7, Luncheon:  $50
A.G. Kawamura

April 7, Dinner:  $70
Krysta Harden

April 7, Dinner Guest: $70
Forum registrants may purchase dinner tickets for guests at the same price.

April 7, Meal Package (Luncheon and Dinner): $95

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