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Sam CalagioneSam Calagione
Founder and President
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

In 1995, Sam Calagione opened the doors of Delaware’s first brewpub, in Rehoboth Beach, and sold the first batch of his Dogfish Head Shelter Pale Ale. For the next nine months, with equipment that brewed only 10 gallons at a time, Calagione made three batches a day, five days a week, in order to meet the demand for his high quality beer. Ten years later, with two breweries at work, Dogfish Head produces 6,000 gallons a day and is the country’s fastest-growing brewing company. Dogfish Head has achieved national acclaim as a beer with innovative flavors made from local, fresh ingredients, and Calagione, as Dogfish Head’s President, has become a spokesman for the successful direct marketing technique of educating consumers in place of advertising. 

Though Calagione’s beer is now distributed to 29 states and four countries, Dogfish Head continues to work with local farmers and merchants. While Shelter Pale Ale is brewed with Delaware grown barley and American whole leaf hops, other Dogfish Head beers are flavored with raspberries grown in Oregon and Delaware, organic coffee bought from a local Delaware roastery, organic juniper berries, or pure maple syrup from Massachusetts.

In October 2005, Slow Food USA honored Dogfish Head at its “Urban Harvest,” a festive tribute to farmers and food artisans who provide New York and the surrounding region with foods that are delicious, ecologically sustainable and humanely produced. And Dogfish Head’s initiative to recycle all of the spent barley grain into cow feed, about 150,000 pounds a year, has earned the company recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Water Program. 

In November 2006, Calagione’s second book, Extreme Brewing, an instructive and engaging tell-all on brewing one-of-a-kind craft beers, will be released.  In 2005 he published Brewing Up A Business: Adventure in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, a personal account of his nontraditional success as an entrepreneur. In 2003, the United States Small Business Administration named Calagione a Small Business Winner. In 2005, Calagione was the keynote speaker at the National Homebrewer’s Conference and at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Awards, of which he was a recipient in 2004.


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