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Supporting Local Food and Farms
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No Farms No Food

The message is simple and couldn't be more clear—America's farms and ranches provide an unparalleled abundance of fresh, healthy and local food, but they are rapidly disappearing.

Ninety-one percent of America’s fruit and seventy-eight percent of our vegetables are grown near metro regions, where they are in the path of development. And America has been losing more than an acre of farmland every minute. That's why supporting local food and farms is more important than ever!

Two Ways To Get Involved!

Sign the petition and urge your lawmakers to protect our local farms and food

Get a Free No Farms No Food Bumper Sticker

Spread the message in your community that you support local food and local farms by displaying a free No Farms No Food® bumper sticker from American Farmland Trust. Request yours today!


As consumers, we make a difference when we support local food and our local farmers. Make sure your voice is heard: sign the petition and show your support for local farms and food!

American Farmland Trust